What does it mean to live a vegan lifestyle?

What does it mean to live a vegan lifestyle? Well for me it means choosing to do the least harm to the planet, the animals we share it with and our own bodies. In fact not only does it do the least harm it also creates healing, sometimes profound.

Living a vegan lifestyle is the cumulative result of thousands of simple decisions you make in a year. Decisions on what to eat, what to wear and decisions about what to clean your house and your teeth with.

When we clear out the old programming that has been running our dining choices and start to eat from a congruent place, a place called love – it feels so good. The sensation of feeling light on your feet comes from this place. Radiant health, vibrant energy, clear eyes and skin, they come from this place as do clear arteries, normal blood sugar and the disappearance of inflammatory disease symptoms.

Vegan Banana Bread

It is the lining up with our own integrity that creates the magic. It is the congruency between our values and the way we show up in the world. Everything good comes from this place of connection to our authentic selves. As a Holistic Nutritionist I know that plants are the most powerful fuel for the human body but more importantly my experience shows me that knowing who you are and acting in a way that truly reflects your essence, that is the place that radiance comes from.

Technically I guess it means you are not using animals in any imaginable way. Not for your dinner, bypassing animal flesh, mammary secretions and eggs. You are not using their fur or skin or choosing to pay to be entertained by them. You are also not buying household or personal care products that were tested on them. It means meals are made up of plants and clothes, household and personal products are made without leather or fur and were not tested on innocent creatures. To make it more simple – if it came from an animal, was tested on an animal or you are paying to be entertained by an animal, your choice is probably bumping up against your values and it’s probably not vegan.


The biggest part of living vegan is found in your fridge, on your plate and in your take out box. It’s about the food, and if done with some creativity and care, the food is not only pleasurable and nutritious, it can often outclass, outperform and overshadow any animal-based meal. There are the entire fruit and vegetable families to choose from, as well as herbs, spices and mushrooms. There are also seeds and nuts, grains and legumes. When combined, the possibilities are endless. Delicious creamy sauces, decadent desserts, frothy milks, hearty soups and stews, innovative salads, loaves and gravies, shakes and smoothies and cutlets, cheeses and steaks made from legumes, nuts and grains and so much more.

It’s not about giving something up, it’s about gaining a whole new culinary style, a new set of flavours and textures and joyful moments. Living a vegan lifestyle has been an absolute pleasure for me for 20 years, and as I learned more and more about the versatility of the plant kingdom, my kitchen creations became more and more divine. You will be stepping into this kind of abundance when you step into a vegan lifestyle.