We Belong

Since the moment of our conception, we’ve belonged. 

Yet feeling a sense of belonging has been elusive. Most of us have experienced the nagging sensation of not quite fitting in. It might be within our families, our scholastic or religious institutions or our work or community groups.

Belonging in these spaces requires a kind of morphing or shape shifting into a version of ourselves that can feel too refined and not quite whole. This kind of “belonging” keeps us captive to a cultural narrative that is most likely out of synch with our true nature. This kind of belonging keeps us hungry for life fully lived. 

Truly belonging comes easily when we relax into the natural world. Releasing the demands of culture and blending into the the majestic symphony of tall trees and colourful rainbows, misting waterfalls and silent purple mountains can feel like a homecoming. 

The fact that we are here, alive and breathing on this planet, means that we are Gaia Beings, just as each blade of grass, each cloud and each ocean wave is a Gaia Being.

Belonging then, may be as simple as claiming ourselves as Gaia Beings. In doing so, we must do what all the other Gaia Beings on this planet do: We must claim our place in our world, and we must own all that exists within us. We must own each sensation, expression, notion and feeling that moves through our temporary bodies. 

Just like the trees belong simply because they are here, we also belong. A tree does not try to be anything but a tree and in doing so, a tree fully claims their swaying expressions, temporary leafiness, and tenacious tallness.

When we see ourselves as Gaia Beings, we begin to let go of the cultural narrative of separation. Instead of believing that water moving in our bodies is shameful, tears become a beautiful cleansing rain shower. Instead of suppressing the fire that rages through our bodies, we allow our fires to burn away history and make room for new growth. Instead of medicating our tremors, we allow our aftershocks to wake us up. 

Knowing ourselves this way, claiming everything that we are, frees us to use our Gaia-ness to transform our lives into easy, flowing rivers of expansion. 

When the wildfires come, the giant tree cones open, raining seeds onto the ground. When the snow follows and melts, that water nourishes the seeds — giving the fire new meaning, a transformation into new life. We are not separate from this. We belong to a symphony of life and evolution, just as all the non-human life forms on this planet do. 

We belong because we exist in this time and space, because we inhale and exhale, because we are the life flowing through our bodies.

Our community is so much more than our family systems, social groups and work teams. Our community is also made up of rivers and rocks, toads and trees, mountains and vultures, moss and stone.

When we feel awe at the sight of a misty rainbow or a roaring waterfall, it’s because we sense the awe and beauty that lives within us. The natural world is a perfect mirror for our deepest essence. Alive and dancing and boundless in expression. 

It turns out that we’ve been at home from the start.

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