Wake Up to Your Wild Truth

This 4-week online experience begins Jan 27, 2021

Get in touch with your deepest, wildest self — that pulsing at your majestic core that drives your creativity and powers your life. Dive into your internal landscape and discover your wild truth.




Rise Unafraid

This 7-week online experience begins Mar 30, 2021

You’re no longer willing to stand on the sidelines of your own life. You’ve tasted your organic potential and want more. This experience is your invitation to rise unafraid into the massive growth that is your birthright.






Becoming Gaia

This yearlong online experience begins Jan. 14, 2021

You’ve come to the edge. You’ve made the leap. Now it’s time to stay awake. This opportunity creates the momentum necessary to own your unique majesty as you continue to claim the fullness of your life.