The Secret to Conscious Creation

Despite what a crazy, mixed-up world I found myself living in, I never let go of a deep internal knowing that more was possible. More space, more ease, more clarity and more joy. When it came to creating those things, I knew of two approaches — willpower and manifestation. Despite the hype that sometimes exists for each of them, neither seemed to have potency in my life. Usually, despite my best efforts, I found both avenues left me exhausted and empty. While willpower did create marginal change, it was a slow and slippery slope. Manifestation, on the other hand held great promise, and for me it was a wild and illusive animal that I could not easily tame.

Back in 2007 I was first introduced to the concept of manifestation when I watched the movie The Secret. I was convinced that I’d cracked the code to the universe and that if I just thought long and hard enough about what I wanted, I would create my dream life. Despite my enthusiasm, I had no big, juicy results. Actually, I did have one result: After a while I became convinced the whole thing was just a New Age hoax.

So I went back to the default, back to employing willpower as a strategy. I was good at willpower, never having been a stranger to working hard. Willpower was not good for me though. Adrenal fatigue, on more than one occasion, was my highest result. It all felt like pure struggle.

With willpower letting me down, I focused once again on manifestation, and I can see now that the problem I had was that I never did have the full picture. While in the past I’d done my best to hold the ideas of what I wanted, I also held beliefs that I was undeserving of what I desired. For the most part this belief was out of my awareness, having been installed long before I can remember through the process of cultural conditioning. It was like having one foot on the gas pedal and one on the brake pedal while I desperately wondered why I was not going anywhere.

Today I know well what it it means to be the conscious creator of my own reality. If internal abundance is a measure of wealth, I am feeling extremely rich these days. I have dropped willpower for good, and I have fine-tuned the idea of manifestation I was introduced to 13 years ago.

The high intentions I carry for myself these days have led to the creation of not just incredible experiences — they have led to an incredible life that I could only have dreamt about until recently.

I really saw this recently when I was invited to an exclusive event that took place in an expansive, gorgeous space. I had to remind myself several times that it was all real, and really step into the fact that this was actually my life, and my creation. As I allowed for the expansion inside of myself to meet the expansion that surrounded me, I made even more room for myself. And this is how it continues to grow. Each experience building on the one before it, until the entire landscape of my life has changed into something spectacular.

In a recent exchange with Louise LeBrun about my newly expanded way of living, she said, “You created that. It did not happen by accident or coincidence or synchronicity. It was sculpted by your hand, guided by the clarity of your own intention, sourced and sustained by the deep and abiding connection to Self. There is no mystery to it — and it is most effective when remembered as a state of Being rather than an event of doing.”

How does it work?

How have I been able to manifest such abundance from the deep connection I’ve created with myself? For me, consciously creating starts with holding high intentions for myself. I start by defining what I want for my life and, in that, I begin to see myself differently. Here is the difference between me in 2007 and today: To do this, I must rise out of my history and conditioning and the stories they hold. While not complicated, it does take focus and courage, and it’s worth every bit of effort. Allowing the stories that others have told me about myself — or worse, the stories I’ve told myself about myself — to lead, is exactly what I mean by having my foot on the brake pedal of my own life.

In viscerally seeing and holding what I want for myself, and in allowing myself to know that I am worthy of all of it, I naturally and easily begin to make different choices. I may choose to eat differently, or read something new, have a different kind of conversation, or even choose to live in a different location. These choices compound and coalesce and begin to create a new, updated belief system about who I am, and how my world works.

Then it starts to get really interesting. This new belief system leads to improved strategies for living, strategies that match my desired outcome. When I run these new strategies, I begin to get different results — results that I call manifestations, results that change the course of my life in beautiful and meaningful ways. The results speak for themselves as they come to life and match the high intentions I originally held for myself.

Creating the life I want from the top down (manifestation) instead of the bottom up (willpower) means employing a process that appears to be magical. There is no magic to it, because it is the the result of the creative force I designed and implemented for myself. No heavy lifting required, just creation from a deep internal place of knowing that I am already whole, and I can have it all.


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  • Joanne Carson

    I love what you wrote!
    I thought the Secret was BS.
    I would like to do what you have done and help my loved ones do the same. I guess a very important part is knowing exactly what I want!
    I met you a number of years ago at a seminar I went to put on by the hospice association. You made the food. I have eaten a plant based diet for a number of years now. You food was my first!
    Thank you.

  • Deb Gleason

    Hello Joanne! Thanks for reaching out and sharing your thoughts. Congratulations on the plant based diet, I am deeply honoured to have been part of your journey.

    Stay in touch and check out the experiences I am offering online, they help women find their way to discovering more of what they want for themselves.

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