Shifting Our Gaze

I was out for a run in the jungle on the east side of the Big Island today, and I took a small detour to admire the ocean from the black sand cliffs. I stopped and sat for a moment to take it all in and as I did, I heard my voice, my purest and truest voice say “all the same body.” I saw right away what it meant. As I stared down at the light blue waves crashing in on the dramatic black lava rocks, I knew that I share a body with Gaia.

My next thought was “my body, your body, all the same body.” Water and salt mixing with crystals and volcanic glass in the form of hardened lava, rising and falling. Breathing. So much life around and in me, all pulsing together. 

It’s easier to hear myself here, in Hawai’i. There is much less interference from the outside world, and Gaia is LOUD and audible here. I am LOUD and audible to myself here. Gaia is present in the stunning perfumed flowers, the harmonizing frogs, the plump avocados that fall from the trees, the lush green jungle and the pounding surf. There is nothing hidden and in all directions, abundance.

My body is Gaia’s body. The idea that we are all one makes more sense to me than it ever has. We are all Gaia — and anything short of that is us denying and resisting the magnitude of our beauty, our magic, our life-force.

I am immersed in the pulse of an awakening collective right now as the two experiences that Naomi Irons and I have created weave and dance together. As each woman leaps, I leap. As one group feels the fire of their life force, the other group feels their fire. Even those associated with these groups who are not taking part directly are expressing fire.

I see the flow all around and through me. 

This morning I woke up with such an open heart, just as those involved in our 7-week Rise Unafraid experience are starting a weeklong exploration of their heart chakras. As I feel into the space that the beautiful women in this group create for each other, I begin to embrace and move more and more into the magic of who I truly am. That expansion led me to focus my attention this morning on a poetic blog about inner magic, and more and more of me landed even as I read it.

I am finding that it’s really that simple: open, allow, accept and breathe. And then repeat. No holding on for dear life to an outcome. Instead, deeply trusting that everything that is, is right, right now. 

If we can fully accept that we are all the body of Gaia, each a beautiful and unique expression of her, what else can we allow for ourselves? 

What parts of our beauty can we find and display? 

What new elements of our essence can we embrace? 

What magic can we create for ourselves?

Exciting, exhilarating, enlivening! It’s amazing what a slight shift in our gaze can reveal.




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