Vegan Dairy V-Cookbook

Virtual cookbooks are my way of taking you into my kitchen and showing through a series of cooking videos how to make amazing plant powered foods at home. I started creating vitual cookbooks in response to quesitons I was getting about the small details that needed clarity. My goal was to create a video for each recipe so confusion was replaced with empowerment!

In this virtual cookbook I will show you how to replace common dairy products with delicious alternatives. You will learn how to make 5 different recipes that will change your life. Each recipe is beautifully presented with a photo and a cooking video plus you will get an easy to use shopping list so you can find everything at once. Enjoy learning to make:

Creamy Almond Milk (simply, healthy, cheap, delicious)

Perfect Butter (melt in your mouth butter from plants)

Chia and Flax Eggs (perfect for baking)

Dill Cashew Cheese (shamefully delicious)

Blueberry Orange Soy Yogurt (simple and divine)