One-on-One Coaching

Get your life back

Bring your curiosity to these private coaching sessions, and walk away with more of your life. Explore your internal landscape in new, self-honouring ways as you learn to process outdated belief systems and make room for more of yourself to emerge.
Deb will create the safe space required for you to make deep dives into hidden belief systems that are holding you back. She’ll show you how to transform those beliefs and the wounding that accompanies them — freeing you to shine as the confident, majestic person you are.
Grounded in the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge, Deb’s approach is deeply honouring of somatic cues and respectful of women’s voices and intentions. She’ll show you how to get your life back — the life you’ve wanted.
Coaching sessions are customized to suit your needs from 60-120 minutes. For details about one-on-one coaching, email Deb.
Deb Gleason

Deb Speaking About This Way of Living

Deb explains how the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge empowered her to create massive expansion in her own life while speaking to Dean Walker for his Poetry of Predicament podcast.