Let your fire free you

Living in a place where I am surrounded by active volcanoes means my explorations of fire are never far from the surface. The physical landscape can change here in a heartbeat whenever Gaia chooses. In my life, I feel the heat and stay in the kitchen more and more. As I get better at this, each time I emerge I feel like an entirely new landscape is available for exploring pleasure, beauty and full living. 

There is a widely held concept that inner fire has two applications. It can be used to burn others when we exhale it out like a dragon, and it can be used to burn ourselves when we attempt to extinguish it with “comfort” stimulants like food, alcohol and drugs. 

There’s a third option that is life-affirming rather than negating. Inner fire can be used to create massive transformation and freedom when we open up and allow it to have its way with us. 

How do we allow for the third type of vulnerable transformation when it can feel terrifying? I see allowing as the opposite of willpower. Allowing is an act of letting go and surrendering to the elemental force that feels like it will knock us off our feet. 

Allowing fire to free you means choosing to be fire and embrace all that it brings. Embrace the heat, the flushed skin, the sweat and the unpredictability of it as you no longer try to weaponize or extinguish. When we do this, we use our bodies as sacred vessels to hold fire’s alchemical power. 

What does that require? The deepest kind of trust. When we have a deep trust inside our bodies, we know that our fires belong to us — and if they belong to us, then we can use them for our own expansion. Gaia does not make mistakes. She does not roll out tornadoes, floods, wildfires or gentle wildflower blooms by accident. She holds all of these possibilities for herself and when transformation is required, she activates. 

We can activate our fire, like Gaia, when transformation is required.

Until now we may not have known how to do that. It remained outside our experience, in the realm of the unknown. Here is the good news: The unknown is an exciting place/state, because while what it offers might not be available yet, it becomes possible when we are willing to look there.

If you are not feeling fully alive, go find your fire. Look beyond the constraints of your history and the things you’ve been taught to find where the fire is hiding away, like a pilot light waiting for a spark. The spark will arrive as you step into the unknown and look for how you can use the flame. 

I know with certainty that there is a way, and it will have zero to do with your history or what you already know about fire. It is a new path that has not yet appeared. It can be found only by deeply rooting into your own sanctuary and making choices that align with your highest intentions for living. In other words, by living as Gaia. Where would Gaia hide a pilot light? How would she bring a spark to meet it? What would she do with the new flame? 

Photo: Kīlauea caldera looking toward the steaming Halema‘uma‘u crater on the island of Hawai’i. 

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