Inspiration is the Antidote to Fear

What a time to be alive. Each new day presents an unprecedented new reality, and each moment has the potential to either enliven or destabilize us. We are living in highly uncertain times. If fear is the fire of this moment, uncertainty is certainly the fuel. In the face of massive amounts of uncertainty, our safety and stability can feel like it is constantly in question.

We are watching borders close as entire cities, states, and even countries move into various states of lockdown. Schools and community services have closed, as public spaces and streets have emptied. As this virus spreads, it has dramatically stopped all of us in our tracks. These external closures demand a great pause, and that pause can be a gift if we take a moment to stop and notice what is emerging within ourselves at this time. 

This virus is invisible, we can’t see it with the naked eye so we have to assume it is on every surface, and that every person we come in contact with could be carrying it. It’s in its invisibility that the virus becomes such a threat not only to our health but more importantly to our state of mind. If we could see it, and step around it or not touch the things it has touched we could consciously make choices in each moment to avoid it and maintain a healthy body.

I believe we need to do all of the things we’ve been hearing about for weeks, wash our hands, don’t touch our faces, practice social distancing. And I would add that we need to empower our immune systems as much as we can right now. Alkalizing the body with clean, plant-based food is a great start. Daily exercise, avoiding sugar as much as we can and including things like lemon water when we first wake up will keep our immune systems sharp. 

While there is no known way to make the virus visible so it does not enter our bodies, there is a way to make choices so it does not infect our minds. One of the biggest enemies of the immune system is fear. 


Fear is an immune suppressant. 


There are endless opportunities to fuel the fear right now and I think the most obvious is binge-watching mainstream news. While I believe it’s important to stay informed, we each need to find the balance between knowing what’s happening and being consumed by the voices that are external to our own.

For me, the biggest gift I can give myself right now is to spend time doing the things that inspire me. 


Inspiration is the antidote to fear. 


In my life, this means cooking great food, connecting with those I care about via video calls, keeping my body fit with daily exercise, and spending time in gorgeous natural spaces. I am blessed to be in a part of the world right now where majestic forests are not only easily accessible, they are virtually empty so I can wander around in the big, old-growth trees without concern for social contact. I have been spending an enormous amount of time in these spaces, connecting even more with Gaia, and my essence. I don’t think there is a stronger immune booster available.

My suggestion for this time is that you work on increasing the percentage of time you spend each day enjoying things that inspire you. When we are inspired we are healthy, we are alive and we are in great flow. When in that state, fear stands no chance. While there may be increased challenges in finding inspiration in a world that has taken a great pause, many opportunities still exist. 

This is a time for expanding your internal world, which will finely tune your sense of internal referencing and keep the culture of fear from dominating your state of mind. If art is where you find inspiration at a time when art galleries are no longer accessible, dedicate some time each day to looking at art online. If travel is what lights you up, spend time looking at images of foreign places and reading personal accounts of others who have been in those spaces. 

Do an online yoga class (below are some of my suggestions):

Kalyana Yoga

Sylvie Gouin

Do Yoga With Me 

Follow a new blog or podcast (below are some of my favourites):

Melissa Allison

Naomi Irons

Stela Murrizi

Louise LeBrun

Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

The Poetry of Predicament Podcast

Now is the time to expand internally as the external world feels as if it is shrinking. 

Another way to support yourself at this time is to join in my Expansion in a Time of Collapse online program beginning April 23 for women and April 24 for men. As we all awaken to an urgent internal call to create resilience, stability, and a sense of resourcefulness, this program is designed to introduce you to a process that awakens your internal voice as a way to discover the deeper truth of your life. 

This program creates safety and space for you to recognize and engage in more powerful conversations that can create change in your life. This program is designed to help you awaken your courage and discover how to redefine yourself in a collapsing world, leaving you on solid ground as the world changes around you. Our time together sets up the conditions required to create a leap for yourself in your own potential. For more detail on this program click HERE

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