Empowerment through Esther’s Kitchen

As I type this I am still completely in awe of how the world works. For many years now my mission in life has been to empower others towards a healthy plant-based lifestyle. I so desperately want to see the world wake up to clearly see the connection between what we eat and how we feel and what we eat and how we impact our planet and the farm animals we share it with. I am in awe because I just got the opportunity to do that in a bigger way that I could have imagined.

Have you heard of Esther the Wonder Pig? Check out her page on Facebook and enjoy the story of the rescued “mini” pig who was supposed to stay small but instead grew up be a 450 pound regular farm pig. Her daily life in a home outside of Toronto with her two Dads, two dogs and two cat friends is captured beautifully on her page and she has become an overnight internet sensation.

Through her story Esther’s amazing Dad’s Steve and Derek have started a movement. This movement comes from love and because of that it touches people in a way they are not used to being touched. Esther the Wonder Pig says outrageously funny things on her Facebook page as she lounges around the house sharing couches, blankets and pillows with her cat and dog friends while pretty much constantly thinking about her next meal. She asks to go outside to pee, she gets muddy, she has baths and breaks into the refrigerator and generally does things most people can relate to because they have seen their dogs doing them. The thing is she is not a dog, she is a 450 pound farm pig that was created for an industry that wanted to use her for ham, hot dogs and bacon. I believe her funny and loving presence on so many people’s Facebook walls creates gentle awareness about their food choices. What comes next and it comes over and over again on Esther’s Facebook page are declarations by her fans that they will never eat ham or bacon again or sometimes they declare they will never eat animals again. The shift that I see happening on her page I know all too well and I know that it can be instant, undeniable and overwhelming. What comes next is that uncomfortable feeling of now what. Now what do I eat, how do I shop, how do I socialize, how do I do this.

Esther’s Kitchen was born from this. Born from the shift and the questions that come next. Esther’s Dad’s have honoured me by asking me to be there for those who are connecting the dots between their hearts and their plates by sharing my recipes, insights and vegan wisdom with those that visit Esther’s Kitchen. As Esther’s Chef I will be loading new recipes every few days on the Esther’s Kitchen Facebook page.

Today was launch day and last night when I was loading the first 5 recipes I was sweating and barely breathing. That moment was the culmination of months of talking, planning and dreaming with Steve and Derek. I went to bed last night knowing the page was going live while I slept and I woke up this morning to see 3,000 likes on the page. That is a very powerful pig. If you are up for it I would love to hear any suggestions you have for great recipes that I can share with those that visit the page.

Recipes are a great start but they are not always enough so I put a lot of thought into creating two different in depth coaching packages to help people find their way to great food, smooth shopping experiences and balanced nutrition. I am happy to announce that when people purchase a package a donation will be made to the Esther the Wonder Pig Sanctuary, a place Esther’s Dads are building so they can rescue many more animals in need. The packages include things like a live coaching call with me, a 5 day menu plan, an ebook with even more recipes, a shopping trip video, my Great Holiday Feast Virtual Cookbook, a donation to Esther’s Farm Sanctuary and more.

Click on the images below to check out the packages and spread the word to those you know that may need some support in getting started down a healthy and compassionate path.

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