Plant-Powered Wellness
& Team-Building Workshops

Does your company or organization have a wellness initiative in place?

Is your organization looking to offer health-focused workshops and team-building experiences?

If you are looking for unique wellness workshops or culinary team building workshops that inspire collaboration and outstanding health, these empowering experiences are for you. The workshops detailed below provide realistic strategies and hands-on plant-based cooking tips that are easy to implement in everyday life. Healthier food choices are also an empowering way to move towards optimal health.

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Plant Powered Wellness Workshops

(1 Hour)

Explore plant-based living in these lively and engaging one hour workshops. Every workshop will include a cooking demo by Deb followed by a Q&A session and an opportunity to taste what she has prepared. Recipes will be made available to all participants

Plant Powered Culinary Team-Building Workshop

(3 Hours)

Cooking together is a natural, fun and engaging team activity. As people work together in teams to create dishes for a group lunch, they will also be creating a recipe for success as they delegate, problem-solve and collaborate with each other throughout the experience. Sharing a cooperative meal together also allows time for relaxation, bonding, and lively conversation.
Green Goddess Dressing