Waking Up to Your Majestic Self

4-Week Online Experience for Women

This experience will show you, maybe for the first time, how to get in touch with your authentic self. You will learn a completely new way of exploring your internal landscape and unearthing the deep-seated belief systems that can run your life and hold you back. You will learn to recognize and let go of the history and habits that no longer serve you, and as you do, you will emerge into the fullness of the majestic being that you already are — and the magnificent life that awaits.
As we go about our daily lives, we sometimes sense that something is missing or not quite right. In Waking Up to Your Majestic Self, we tap into the visceral sense that we are more powerful — and our potential is more infinite — than our cultural conditioning has ever allowed us to see.
Over the course of four weeks, this online experience takes you to the edge of your own awakening. Like a fern unfurling into new life, you will follow your body’s deep wisdom to quickly and permanently gain access to the meaning and joy that is your birthright.
The experience is grounded in a sense of safety and spaciousness that is required for you to recognize the life force that you are and engage in powerful conversations that will change your life. These four weeks are a template for those conversations, as you join like-minded women in pressing beyond the edges of your previous limitations and choosing a new design for living.
Waking Up to Your Majestic Self is a massive invitation to realize your boundless potential, as you join Deb Gleason and Naomi Irons in an exploration of what it takes to choose personal expansion over internal collapse. Say “yes” to your internal call and discover the ease and joy that is waiting to be unearthed.


4-Week Experience Exclusively for Women: Wednesdays, November 11 — December 2, 2020 6 pm EST
Price: $399 CAD (includes taxes)
To Register: Email Deb to arrange an email money transfer or to request to pay by credit card.
DEEPEN YOUR EXPERIENCE: While not required, downloading and listening to WEL-Systems® founder, Louise LeBrun’s Decloaking and Living Authentically audio material will deepen your experience. The material can be purchased directly from Louise’s website.

Deb Speaking About This Way of Living

Deb explains how the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge empowered her to create massive expansion in her own life while speaking to Dean Walker for his Poetry of Predicament podcast.
Deb talking about this program, and sharing her perspective on how the global virus is creating a dramatic pause in our lives and giving us an opportunity to look deep within and explore a new way forward both individually and collectively.