Waking Up to Your Majestic Self

Begins November 11, 2020

Claim that internal knowing that you are more powerful than your conditioning has allowed you to see. This four-week online experience takes you to the edge of your own awakening as you follow your body’s deep wisdom to access the joy that is your birthright.




Living Fully Through Conscious Choice

Begins October 27, 2020

An empowering seven week experience with a deeply personal daily dive into how we are living expressions of The CODE Model™.  In weekly facilitated conversations, we share and explore what we’ve discovered throughout the week. 




Choosing a Life of Your Own Design

Begins October 1, 2020

You’ve come to the edge. You’ve made the leap. Now it’s time to stay awake. This year-long experience offers women the opportunity to continue the momentum necessary to stay awake to their own unique majesty as they continue to claim the fullness of their lives.