The Virtual Village

I am finding the unprecedented times we all find ourselves in have created many opportunities to reflect on not only the kind of lives we’ve created for ourselves but also the kind of lives we’d like to move toward as many of the social constructs we’ve become so used to crumble.

In response to what now presents, I am excited to share audio clips from The Virtual Village, a meeting space for expansive conversations held regularly during these changing times with Deb Gleason, Sheila Winter Wallace, Naomi Irons and Ella Schatzmann. All four of us have deeply immersed ourselves in the WEL-Systems® framework and speak to these changing times through the lens of that body of knowledge. That body of knowledge is designed to educate your intellect so it can begin to TRUST what your body already knows about how to live a full, fearless and unbound life. It is a deep dive into who we are, as a way to move forward with grace and authenticity in our daily lives no matter what presents. 


I’ve pulled some clips from the conversations so you can listen in. Enjoy!


Our choice muscle has become atrophied and we need to build that back up so we can choose for ourselves. At this time, we need to turn up the volume on our internal choice maker instead of giving ourselves away to the external world – as we had been during “business as usual.”


Staying Open

Staying open in the collapse and the freedom to live in a fluid state as we take more space and time for ourselves. Avoiding grasping and attaching to outcome as we open into what is presenting. Using collapse as a mechanism to spring into possibility.  


Permission To Be

Permission to be in this pause and live from it, rather than trying to do anything about it. 


Expansion as Ease

Struggle is no longer required. When there is ease, creation can come from the core of my existence. Build your life on “is this a choice of ease or is this a choice of struggle?” Can collapse exist without the struggle?



Allowing myself to be vulnerable to myself – We have to go into the collapse to get the expansion. My fierceness being used to be more of myself.


Let It Be

Let it be what it is right now and navigate these times with ease. Ease vs lazy, choose ease without judgment based on outdated belief system. How much value have we all put on struggle. Love and responsibility don’t need to be dependent on each other, the conditions need to be decoupled from the love. 


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  • Nancy

    Loved loved loved, hearing this conversation – it invited and allowed such a deep knowing inside. Mahalo for sharing each of your voices.

  • Lisa J. Weiss

    Brilliant conversation! Exactly what I needed to hear to start my day! Mahalo

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