Surrender: Synching up with Gaia’s Frequency

I was on a brilliant Emerging Futures call last week hosted by Naomi Irons and Ella Schatzmann, and the idea of Gaia’s frequency came up. I was suddenly aware that if we all chose to resonate with Gaia’s frequency right now, this global pause could be the start of a new way of doing business on this planet. Instead of the “business as usual” model, we would move into the “business of living” model. And by living, I mean living from a place of wholeness and deep internal connection. 

Since that call last week, I have been searching for just the right word to describe how Gaia’s frequency feels to me. When I landed on surrender, I knew I’d found the right word. I noticed that once I chose that word, it began to show up everywhere in my world.

Yesterday I received a newsletter from the SevaLight Retreat Centre on the Sunshine Coast of BC. They referred to the times we are facing in a unique and powerful way, calling this moment a Global Clearing, or “a time to surrender more of ourselves, to clear any blocks and let go of any pockets of fear, knowing all will be well.”

What I know about Gaia is that she tells the truth of her own experience without attachment to outcome. She expresses her surrender intensely along a continuum of gentle to fierce. Her most gentle expressions can be observed in the delicate flowers that push through the spring soil, and in the way new ferns unfurl on the rainforest floor. On the other end of the spectrum, she expresses through volcanos, wildfires and tsunamis — evidence of her great ferocity. 

The entire continuum has one element in common: all of it requires intensity. Without intensity, the old would not be transformed into the new. The ground would remain brown and barren, and the island nations would never form. Year after year, moment after moment, she creates anew through surrender. By surrendering the old, the new can explode into potential, changing her landscape once again. 

If vibrating with Gaia will get us more wholeness and internal connection, how do we achieve this resonance? I believe all we need to do is, like Gaia, surrender. Surrender to the moments as they present, tell ourselves and others the truth without attachment to outcome. When we do this we honour life and expand into the more that is possible. Anything short of this and we pop out of the frequency of life and move into collapse instead of expansion.

If expansion is the goal, continually returning to a state of surrender gets us there. And when we forget, we have yet another opportunity to remember and return. 

When we are aligned with the powerful and potent frequency of Gaia, we are unstoppable. Gaia in her expressions does not hold herself back, she does not stay small or polite, she roars. When contemplating how to achieve the surrender required to vibrate with her, we need to look at the places where we hold ourselves back.

Allowing the intensity required to surrender is actually less straining on the body than pushing against the surrender. When we allow the surrender it is an act of gentleness. Pushing against the surrender is an act of war against oneself. Both are potent choices and only one will get us where we want to go. 

Through the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge, I have learned a powerful process of surrender called Quantum TLC™ (QTLC). In fact, I would say that QTLC is surrender – it is the Gaia frequency. 

Quantum TLC™ is described on the WEL-Systems® website the following way. Quantum TLC™ {Triggering Life Choices} is the life-altering experience that accelerates evolution by allowing the body to do what it is designed to do, and all we have to do is get out of the way.

From my experience, allowing the body to do what it is designed to do looks like walking into the discomfort that can be found in the moments that follow an emotional trigger, and staying with it until it has positively transformed us. This requires finding softness and stillness in the body when the trigger “goes off” so the emotions that are present (what I prefer to call energy & information) have space to break up and move. When they move, they often move through tears (water), breath (air), heat (fire) — and we become more.

My program Expansion in a Time of Collapse takes a close look at the process of Quantum TLC™ and informs participants about the mechanics of it and how it can be incorporated so it becomes a way of life. When it becomes a way of life, struggle diminishes and expansion dominates. 

Like Gaia, we surrender — and we live fully.

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