Great Holiday Feast Virtual Cookbook

In this virtual cookbook package you will learn how to make a complete holiday meal from side dishes to main course to desserts using plant-based gluten-free ingredients. Each recipe is beautifully presented with a photo AND a cooking video made for you in my kitchen. You will also get an easy to use shopping list so you can find everything at once. Learn how to easily and quickly make:

Stuffed Tofu Roast (brown and cripsy on the outside)

Savoury Stuffing (gluten-free stuffing never tasted so good)

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes (perfectly creamy garlic goodness)

Pomegranate Pecan Brussels Sprouts (flavour explosion)

Nancy Zylstra’s Gravy (the best gravy you may ever taste)

Fresh Cranberry Sauce (so much better than the jelly in the can)

Chocolate Mint Truffles (whole food chocolate hits)

Perfect Pecan Pie (you won’t believe how easy this is)