Plant-Based Lifestyle Transition Package

When it comes to personal health, there are many scientifically proven gains to eating an energizing, whole foods, plant-based diet. Increased energy, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, reduced cholesterol, and improved digestion are a few of the immediate benefits. A whole foods, plant-based diet has also been shown to prevent, and in some cases even reverse, heart disease, type II diabetes, some forms of cancer, and many other inflammatory diseases. 
When we lighten our food choices by moving toward whole, plant-based foods, our bodies thrive. The good news is that we don’t need to change everything overnight. Simply adding whole, plant-based foods to our daily intake has an immediate impact on our bodies and goes a long way toward transforming us from the inside out.
I created this package to offer you an inclusive experience that leaves no stone unturned and gives you everything you need to be successful in your transition to a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle.
This package is designed for those who benefit from coaching over a longer period of time.  During our time together I will gently guide you from your starting point, no matter where that is, to the nutrition and lifestyle goals you would like to achieve. We will work together to fine-tune your motivations, and identify any barriers getting in your way.

Plant-Based Lifestyle Transition Package $475

Initial Consultation: We will sit down together and examine your current eating habits and map out a plan to get you to your desired outcome. I will answer your questions about plant-based living, health and vitality, and get you started toward achieving your lifestyle goals.
Consultation Report: After our initial consultation I will send you a detailed summary of our conversation: what is working, what is not, and how to move forward. I will include plant-based nutrition guidelines and recommendations, recipes and resources for creating healthy plant-based meals. I will also include guidelines for achieving your goals.
30 Day Plant Powered Menu Plan: My delicious and easy plan to get you started including 50 beautifully designed pages filled with handy tips, charts, amazing and simple recipes, photos and weekly shopping lists.
Customized 5 Day Menu Plan: Your package also includes a personalized 5-day, plant-based meal plan (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner) with recipes. I will create your plan based on your specific likes and dislikes with the goal of making your transition as easy as possible.
Shopping Tour: We will meet in your favourite grocery store or local health food store and do a whole food, plant-based tour so you know how to find healthy options when you shop.
In-Home Cooking Classes: The Plant-Based Lifestyle Transition Package also includes two cooking classes in your home. We will create exciting new dishes to expand your culinary skills. I will send you the recipes and grocery list before each class so you have time to purchase the required ingredients.
  • Cultured Cashew Cheese: Learn to make delicious dairy-free cashew-based cheese at home. You will learn all of the steps involved from making the healthy fermented quinoa-based culture to blending and forming the cheese.
  • Dairy-Free Kitchen Class: Learn to make plant-based milks, sour cream, shakes and butter.
  • Sassy Sauces Class: Learn to make creamy sauces for salads, vegetables or power bowls.
  • Vegan Desserts: Learn to make several delicious desserts
  • Kombucha Brewing: Learn how to make your own homemade kombucha (scoby included)
  • Natural Kitchen Essentials: Learn how to soak and cook legumes, and make your own healthy condiments
  • Customized Classes: We can design a class together based on the kind of dishes you would like to learn to create.
Prioritized Access: Prioritized email access during the duration of the package to ensure you get all your questions answered in a timely manner.
Location: This is an Ottawa, Canada based program. If you are not in Ottawa and would like to participate we can arrange an online coaching package.
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