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“I’ve just downloaded it and it looks amazing – a professional, easy to read document. I’m feeling truly excited and empowered by making quality nutrition decisions and more than that: a knowing I’m making a difference”.
“I LOVE IT!!! It’s so easy! I’m actually excited to buy groceries this week!!!!”.
“We love your program ( thank you X 1000,0000,000) and are enjoying the yummy plant food”.
“Thank you Deb for the daily emails, book recommendations, cooking lessons and videos – for an information junkie like me this course was just perfect!”
“Your daily emails have been amazing, really inspiring and motivating!! I really don’t think  I would have kept up with it 100% without all your support, and I intend to stay on it”
“I am a 72 year old retired Elementary School Office Administrator who has tried many different ways of eating. After the 30-day challenge, I feel amazing and full of energy”.
“Your passion for this is truly contagious – and approachable.”.
“It’s been a week since our 30 day challenge ended and I am still following your vegan plan!  I just wanted to say thanks again for guiding me on this whole new way of eating / cooking / thinking.   You made it easy and I really appreciated your enthusiasm and non judgement”.
“I feel very proud! Since I started this program, I feel alot better! I have more energy – I go to the bed one hour later than I usually do. I am more patient (with myself and my daughter (teenager :)), my spouse and I feel very peaceful”.
“Deb, I love your energy and combine with timing and curiosity of a vegan diet make me signed up. Your videos are great and I could feel your energy and passion on them”.
“Imagine a diet-change program that is healthy, satisfying, liberating and energizing all at once! Deb immediately sets you free from calorie-counting, and instead promotes eating when/how much you want, and feeling great about it! The support, guidance, and positivity that Deb offers in helping discover the health benefits of a plant-based, whole-foods lifestyle is priceless when you consider the both immediate and lifelong impact it has on your health! Deb made the transition easy & exciting – I’ve gone vegan and feel too amazing to ever consider going back”!
“As a person that suffers from hypoglycemia, a whole food plant based diet has changed my life. Deb offers an amazing program that is easy to understand and to follow. She is there every step of the way. I managed to stabilize my sugar spikes and no longer feel nauseated when I start to feel hungry. I am not as hungry and the whole food sustains me for a much longer period of time. This diet has tremendously helped me on my daily runs giving me much more energy and my recovery process is so much quicker. Excellent for people that suffer from Diabetes”.
“This program opened my eyes on the benefits of healthy eating. Food is the culprit for many diseases such as high cholesterol, heart attacks, hypertension, etc… but foods can also be a strong tool to help you fight diseases and lead a healthy life. Deb will lead you every step of the way with humour, energy and incredible knowledge”.
“So my vegan nutrition is doing well, I feel great and I sleep really well.  I am very happy with how things are going and I thank you very much for your guidance.  I use lots of your recipes”.
“Thanks so much for the entire experience Deb – post 30 days and I eat meat and actually dislike it. As I’m starting my p90x I’m also eliminating meat yet again. I simply do not like it – nor feel that my body does either. You’ve changed my life Deb – more so than I could ask for. Thank you!”
“Just to let you know, I have been transitioning from vegetarian to vegan since we last met using some of the foods and strategies we discussed, and have simultaneously been feeling great and putting in mountain bike marathon race times better than last year’s”.
“Being in the fitness industry I have come across a lot of similar nutrition programs. I’ve seen a lot of situations where much is promised up front but the follow through was weak and the value for the package price did not match the program that you actually received. What I was pleased to discover with Deb’s programwas that it was professional run right from the start date. Deb layed out exactly what you were going to receive and followed through with what was promised. Each week she gave you something new to discover at a pace that allowed you time to implement it and feel successful. As well, if someone in the group needed extra support she was there immediately to offer her expertise. There were no two day delay’s between e-mails”.
“The 30-day vegan coaching program exceeded my expectations, but it shouldn’t have: I’ve known Deb for years and she always gives 100% to everything she’s involved with.The course was fun, the transition surprisingly easy”.
“Many thanks!! I am thoroughly enjoying the changing since beginning the program … the program and your dedication and passions shines through and creates a wonderful experience!!”
“I couldn’t have done it without you. You made the transition fun and gave out little gems one at a time as not to overwhelm me with to much info at once. The very first few days, my mind found it’s clarity back and I was amazed at the amount of energy I got so quickly. I’m loving those “Smoothies”. I found the whole Tune-Up experience jam packed with all the tools necessary to move into a Whole Foods Diet with all the necessary knowledge. I especially felt that you were always there to answer any of our questions. Loved the cooking lessons. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends or colleges. You get a 5 Star Rating! Bravo!”
“I have all the tools I need thanks to your amazing program. I’m so grateful for everything that you’ve provided – you are a wealth of knowledge and information, as well as positive energy, enthusiasm and compassion. It feels good to know there’s people like you at there looking out for people AND animals. It’s been a wonderful learning experience for me, and I’ve made significant changes as a result”.
“Deb’s 30 Day Program was the best $ I’ve spent this year. She helped me to move fearlessly from vegetarianism to vegan, something I had tried to do on my own a few times and not succeeded. The “community” support was great as well as we were able to discuss success stories/roadblocks/ etc online and feel not so alone in our transitions. My family is eating whatever I make and we’ve all seen HUGE changes (for the better) in our health and wellness. My husband has lost over 35 lbs and has never felt better. I would highly recommend any of Deb’s services and/or workshops. She truly has a passion for what she’s doing and it shows”.
“First batch of vegan black bean and date brownies in the oven!! Deb, what have you done to me!! I am actually cooking……feels good! Thank you!! :learning clean eating is proving to be very fun”!
"Just wanted to check in and tell you how much I’m enjoying all this delicious food!  I’m training right now for the National Capital marathon in May, and even with all the running, I have lots of energy.  The 30-day planner really helps – I tried the chick pea/sweet potato stew and the quinoa with almond butter over the weekend, and they were delicious.  My daughter tried the almond butter and was instantly hooked”!
“Thanks Deb.  And I’m sure we are all grateful to have had you in our lives. I, for one, want to thank you for the encouragement, the answers, the videos and emails and all the support you have given us over the past month and I’m sure will continue to give should we need you. The best money I’ve ever spent because I feel so well”.
I rarely write reviews for products but with the Ken theme, I am more than grateful. The site is fully customizable and you can really feel like playing while designing the site! Thanks again for having made such a convenient, yet fully-functional theme.
I can't believe how easy it is to customise and create anything in this theme! I've had no problems with it so far. IT'S SO AWESOME! I've used different themes for different clients before and nothing has compared to The Ken so far. You can literally do anything with this in no time at all. Well done!
This is one of the most incredible, flexible and well-documented themes on Theme Forest. Employing advanced coding techniques and keeping forward compatibility in mind, it's clear that the designers have spent serious and significant time working on this project. I love it, it makes my website shine.
Amazing Theme and incredible job with your Visual Composer enhancements (and have never seen a theme where you can hide elements from mobile/tablet if you choose, great option so can opt parallax sections that aren't 'mobile friendly')! And incredible Demo content upload, all the pages, menus, and images in seconds BAM!$
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