Maybe earth school is actually freedom school

Years ago I read a series of books about near-death experiences and life-after-life, and several times I came across the concept of spirit school. It was described as a school for our spirits to learn things after a human experience. At the time, and still now, the idea of spirit school did not make sense to me. After all, why would spirits ever need school? I think of that state as pure and unlimited by our humanity — and a time when school should be out for the season.

What if it’s actually the opposite? What if instead of spirit school once we die, we actually enter a body to come to a place called earth school? What if earth school is a place where we are purposely conditioned to forget our unlimited majesty by culture so we can focus on the process of coming home to ourselves for 100 years or less?

By the time we are teenagers, we have had so many painful and confusing moments in our human experience that most of us have completely lost track of our majesty. Is this earth school the place where we learn how to get it back – as the lesson? Is this the hero’s journey that is so obvious we are oblivious to it? 

What if earth school is simply a place to dance through the muck of it all as we integrate and digest so we can learn the great art of freeing ourselves fully?

Maybe earth school is actually freedom school.

I ask myself all the time, why would I come into a human experience when I am unlimited without a body? Is it so I can see what I would do with a body? Would I take the opportunity to experience and grow and try and fail and learn and evolve as an actual purpose — is this my purpose? Maybe it’s not to be a nurse, farmer, artist or astrophysicist; maybe my purpose is to take on experiences and then work to find my way back to my unlimited potential while I am still in a body. 

The experience of fear in my body is what leads me to consider life this way. The experience of fear, when it arises can be so intense, so disorienting, so destabilizing. Why would fear be the most intimate experience I can have in my flesh if I wasn’t here to have experiences of fear? Why would fear rock my body like a tsunami and send hormones and chemicals through my tissue, altering my brain chemistry? Why would I be designed to respond that way if it was meaningless? Perhaps it is very purposeful. Finding my way back to myself could be my mission. 

If this is my mission, I have my moments of clarity— some are glimpses, some are like a TV mini-series — and in those moments, I know I am so much more than I was ever taught to believe I am. Can I then take that knowing and turn it into a curiosity and explore the depths and heights of being alive in a body on this planet at this time? This magical experience of fear and joy and pain and expansion. 

Can I give myself permission to act from this place of curiosity instead of collapsing in on myself when the experiences I came here to feel are happening? When I rise up and remember myself, do I then create the only experience I have been looking for: one of self reclamation. One of remembering and honouring and exploring the vastness of my being. 

I choose to believe that I am alive for a reason, and none of this shit is random. Can I take this knowing and play fully, grow fully and expand fully, even in the tight constraints of the culture that surrounds me? To do anything less would be ripping myself off of the very thing I hoped to achieve in this realm. Expansion or death — and death either way, so why not choose expansion?

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  • Joanne Carson

    I agree with you Deb. It’s a very difficult school but sometimes, thankfully, it is also wonderful!

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