Living Fully Through

Conscious Choice

7-Week Online Group Experience for Women

“Choice is crucial for any sense of personal power
and clarity of manifestation”—Louise LeBrun

You Can Have It All 

An organic emergence becomes possible when we begin to pulse in concert with Gaia. As we become comfortable awakening the safety in our own bodies, we can explore what it means to claim the Gaia expressions of earth, water, fire and air. Our capacity to expand comes as we allow our own edges to disappear, making evolution possible.

We don’t hesitate to believe that a baby chick will find its way out of its shell, because we know that is what they were designed to do. What if we knew that we were designed to find our way out of a human-created shell of fear and smallness: Would we give ourselves permission to do so? When the conditioned structures outside of us begin to disintegrate, we allow for an organic process for living.

Discover the Power of the 7 Choice Points

In an effort to strengthen our atrophied choice muscle, this experience explores each of the seven unique choice points at every level of The CODE Model™. When we know that we are always choosing, we can make our choices work for us instead of against us. This knowing allows us to change our lives for the better with every single breath.

In this seven-week experience, we will take a look at the seven levels within each of the seven levels of the The CODE Model™, and the corresponding seven choice points that are the gateways to an expanded way of being. 

Just as Gaia expresses in an unfurling fern, this is an exploration that will create space in our process of thinking as we begin to unfurl ourselves. The CODE Model™ becomes the invitation to unfurl at every level of our being.

In the recognition that structure and freedom must dance for creation, this offering includes:

A supported and deeply personal daily dive into how we are living expressions of The CODE Model™. Each day begins with an email introducing you to the next level of the model, accompanied by a compelling question to take into your day.

In weekly facilitated conversations, we share and explore what we’ve discovered throughout the week. 

This experience is for you if:

You want to cultivate a gentle and generous way of being with yourself 

You crave big, safe conversations that empower lasting change in your life

You want to learn more about choice and how to use it to enhance your life

You are interested in learning about, or deepening your understanding of The CODE Model™

You want to be more resourceful in your own life

You want to release internal compression and soften into effortless expansion

Grounded in a WEL-Systems® approach for accelerated personal evolution, The CODE Model™ empowers us to make the space we occupy in our own lives more expansive. As more space becomes available, the movement and flow of life are enhanced. This combination of space, movement and flow invites more of the goodness that we each uniquely are to arrive and create expansion. From here, we can more easily allow life to unfold with elegance, grace and a sense of personal power.

When energy is moving freely on the planet, Gaia is in harmony. Energy also moves freely in our bodies when there is vitality and ease. When Gaia’s energy is blocked, she chokes, crumbles and cracks, and when our energy is blocked, our bodies create discomfort, dysfunction and disease. 

The CODE Model™ addresses these blocks by offering a way to see the intersection of thought and energy in the body. The CODE Model™ is a powerful invitation for deep personal exploration. 

Join Naomi Irons and Deb Gleason for this seven-week experience: Living Fully Through Conscious Choice to take place over Zoom.

We begin October 27, 2020 and our online conversations take place each Tuesday: Oct 27, Nov 3, Nov 10, Nov 17, Nov 24, Dec 1, Dec 8

Time: 3pm PST, 6pm EST, 7pm ADT

Price: $499 CAD (taxes already included)

If you have questions or would prefer to pay by email money transfer, please reach out to Deb Gleason at or Naomi Irons at, for more information.

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