Expansion in a Time of Collapse

5 Week Online Group Experience for Women

Expansion in a Time of Collapse is an empowering online small group program facilitated by Deb Gleason. It’s designed to introduce participants to a process that awakens their own internal voice as a way to discover the truth of their lives.
Right now on this planet all of the systems that humans, animals and all other life forms depend on for survival and vitality are moving toward massive collapse at a dizzying rate. The crisis we can see outside of ourselves is a reflection back to us of the collective crisis of the human population.
Many, many people are awakening to an urgent internal call to create resilience, stability, and a sense of agency for themselves in the face of this collapse.
This program creates the safety and space for you to recognize and engage in more powerful conversations that can create change in your life. This program is designed to help you awaken your courage and discover how to redefine yourself  in a collapsing world, leaving you on solid ground as the world changes around you.
Each weekly conversation will be framed using the Decloaking and Living Authentically audio material from the WEL-Systems body of knowledge created by Louise LeBrun. Our conversations are the gateway for a deeper exploration of self in relation to a collapsing external world.
This experience invites you to become a massive invitation for your own potential, as you join Deb Gleason in an exploration of what it takes to know that you can choose personal expansion over collapse.  
Deb talking about this program, and sharing her perspective on how the global virus is creating a dramatic pause in our lives and giving us an opportunity to look deep within and explore a new way forward both individually and collectively.
Photo credit: Nancy Bell @truenancy


Investment for the 5 Week Experience: $499.00 CAD (includes taxes). Participants are also required to purchase the Decloaking & Living Authentically audio files available for $189.00 CAD on Louise LeBrun’s website.
PLEASE NOTE: I recognize this is a financially challenging time for many.  If you need special consideration, please let me know.
The Decloaking & Living Authentically Audio Files were recorded live during a five day intensive facilitated by WEL-Systems founder, Louise LeBrun. Participants are required to purchase the downloadable files prior to the start of the program. 
Exclusively for Women: July 9 – Aug 6, 2020 6 pm EST
To Register: Click the Buy Now link below where payment can be made through PayPal with any major credit card.

The Decloaking and Living Authentically audio material is the education required to allow your intellect to TRUST what your body already knows.


Deb explains how this Body of Knowledge empowered her to create massive expansion in her own life while speaking to Dean Walker for his Poetry of Predicament podcast. She concludes the interview by talking about how she is now offering this program as a way for people to create a bridge between the experience of listening to the Decloaking audio material on their own and stepping into a 5 day Decloaking experience.