Ecosystem of Evolution

Grounded in the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge, this ecosystem looks to Gaia to lead through her wild truth, rooted connections and organic growth. We rediscover the unclaimed territory of our own personal ecosystems. We tend to our unique ecosystems by creating expansive conversations where we tell our wild truth in a safe circle of sisterhood. We let the Gaia aspect of ourselves overgrow our history and create a more organic, intuitive and joyful way of being.


Quantum TLC™:
A Step-by-Step Guide
by Deborah Gleason

Quantum TLC™ is a way to find that deep connection, allowing us to take our attention inside as it creates expansion, insights and opens up new choices for living more fully. When we engage in this process, we embrace the majesty and magic we each carry.

This step-by-step guide will empower you to remember who you are and how to choose flow and ease as you invite expansion. 


Quantum TLC™

Deborah Gleason and Naomi Irons show you the steps involved in the powerful process known as Quantum TLC™. This process invites us to take our attention inside ourselves as it creates expansion, insights and opens up new choices for living more fully.

Signals Dancing

Deborah Gleason and Naomi Irons explain the WEL-Systems® — Signals Dancing model from their Rise Unafraid 7-week online experience for women.

Essence, Song of Gaia

Enjoy this Song of Gaia guided reflection from the Rise Unafraid, 7-Week experience for women. Naomi Irons takes us on a journey from the root chakra to the crown as we root into ourselves, into Gaia and expand into the potential that awaits.

Melissa Allison with Dean Walker 

Dean Walker interviews Melissa Allison for his Poetry of Predicament podcast. This is a beautifully authentic, deep dive into the power of truth in intimate relationships. 


A WEL-Systems® space on Medium where women who have had various experiences with WEL-Systems® contribute in writing about their experience.  Click to View


In this special episode, Anne is in intimate conversation with Naomi Irons and Deborah Gleason as they explore the ultimate act of intimacy, with ourselves and with others, and how it enhances our experience of life. Anne shares her insights around death being the ultimate moment of intimacy and how we can experience this incredible dept of experience here and now, and not have to wait for the end of our life. This episode is life-changing and will bring you to deepen the trust you have in your own life-force as it moves through you with such intelligence. Click to Listen


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