Decloaking and Living Authentically

I’ve always been an extremely curious person and never have I lacked the courage or willingness to dig deep and explore any idea or situation. This way of moving through the world was most likely what once led me to choose policing as a career, and what propelled me within that career towards years of working as a homicide detective. Now that I no longer carry a badge, and I no longer dedicate my waking hours to searching for answers “out there” I choose instead to focus on searching for answers “in here”, where I live.

For the last few years, I have been asking myself increasingly bigger questions. Questions like: How much of myself am I willing to claim? Can I be the full expression of who and what I am, unfiltered, in a highly filtered world? And most recently: Can I have it all?

Questions of this magnitude demand a very expansive playground for discovery. A place where there are no limits, and where exploring possibilities and taking leaps are encouraged. I found that playground when I found Louise LeBrun and her WEL-Sytems® body of knowledge

I’ve been inhaling all of the wisdom the WEL-Sytems® world has to offer for a few years now and have made great discoveries about myself. I’ve let go of many layers of the things that have kept me small, and have held me back from my own great potential. I’ve had the incredible pleasure of getting to know Louise personally, and I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of her voice in recorded materials. Profound, provocative and utterly transformative are the words that come to mind when I consider what Louise’s work has meant to me. While there is no doubt that this was taking me where I wanted to go, I recently found that there was so much more available to me when I stepped into a 5-day Decloaking and Living Authentically experience with Sheila Winter-Wallace at her home and program space in Chelsea, Quebec. 

Decloaking and Living Authentically is the first in a series of WEL-Sytems® experiences designed by Louise and is intended to educate women on how they came to be who they are, so they can explore a new and much more expansive framework for living. 

Stepping into Decloaking and Living Authentically with Sheila was like stepping into the safest space I could imagine to begin to explore all those things that still sat as unsafe in my body. For 5 days I found myself in a space where the full magnitude of my true essence had the room to come out and play. A space where judgement and opinion did not exist. A space where telling my stories of the past was not the end game, and instead a doorway to access the deeper energy and information that my body carried. 

Sheila’s skilled and highly intuitive approach made the concepts Decloaking and Living Authentically introduced more accessible to me than they ever had been before. After a couple of days the ideas that I’d held loosely about energy in the body, and how cultural systems shape a person were suddenly crystal clear. I could see that so much of my life had been shaped by processes that were not intended to nourish my potential, and instead were designed to keep me small. 

Decloaking and Living Authentically provides the educational component so the intellect has something to grasp, making the body more open to deeper and deeper dives. Diagrams explaining how we got to be who we are set the stage, and from there a new and interesting exploration began to unfold for myself and everyone in the room. Unlike the traditional therapy model which I know well, Decloaking and Living Authentically was designed to skip past the spinning stories of the intellect and go directly to the body where the stories are held deeply within the tissue as sensations. Stories that if left unaddressed create everything from feelings of unease and unworthiness to the manifestation of a deadly disease. Educating us on how to access these sensations, and allowing them to move so our bodies could heal and be freed was the focus of these brilliant 5 days. 

Decloaking and Living Authentically introduced me to a process of freeing energy and information from my body. The more I claimed this for myself, the more I changed, and the more my life was forever changed. When I walked out of that space at the end of the 5 days, my cultural conditioning had been exposed to the light and had begun to shrivel. Once that was out of the way, reclaiming my true and expansive nature became more accessible.

The process I am describing where the old, stuck energy of the past that feels like immovable concrete was allowed to break up and transform is actually quite simple. It’s about calming the intellect with enough education so it can relax and get out of the way and trusting my body to lead. It’s about breathing. As it turns out, breath is the key to reclaiming life. It’s simplicity, however, does not guarantee it’s accessibility. Allowing my body to relax and let go was perhaps one of the hardest things I’ve ever learned to do. Hard, because it goes against everything I was ever told about how to live. It flies in the face of valuing the mighty intellect above all else, as the body holds the torment, trauma, and terror of a life only partially lived. 

Until finding Louise LeBrun’s work, the idea of willpower as a self-improvement strategy was all I knew. I’ve come to realize that willpower has no power at all, and in fact, I believe it robs us of any power we may already possess when we give ourselves away to its seductive pull.

Willpower is a product of the intellect, and the intellect is such a tiny aspect of who and what we are. Our bodies can process massive amounts of information at mind-boggling speeds, while the intellect can handle nothing more than to a seven-digit phone number at a time (if we’re lucky). 

Our culture worships the idea of willpower, thinking of it as a trait of strength and conviction. If held hard enough, for long enough it is thought to be the way to create the perpetually elusive outcomes we seek. Willpower has always been, and will always be ineffective as a tool for change because the minute we let our guard down (our intellectual focus) our default conditioning (our beliefs, values, and attitudes) rises to return us right back to the same sad place we started. And then for good measure that conditioning can often lead us even deeper into the cycle of misery we were trying to escape. 

I’ve come to discover that when it came to reclaiming my life, there was something much more powerful than willpower available to me. What I’ve discovered is the power of willingness. The willingness to find instead of eternally seek. The willingness to speak my truth, at the moment that it presents. The willingness to stand alone, and to sit in my discomfort and uncertainty. The willingness to embrace confusion as a gateway to clarity, and the willingness to witness others doing the same. 

When that level of willingness is combined with a healthy dose of courage, the ingredients for making massive leaps towards the more we know is possible for ourselves are present. You can’t possibly leap until you know leaping is possible. And once leaping becomes possible, you need to find the safety within yourself to choose it. From my experience, finding a committed group of others who are willing to hold space while I choose to leap, is a necessary propellent for my evolution.

If you are reading this and wondering how this is possible I don’t blame you. It is not something our culture teaches us. We are taught from the time we are young children to shut down the body because it’s messy, loud, annoying and does not map to the quiet, polite standard that culture demands. 

Being in the room for 5 days and witnessing women begin to open to who and what they truly are, as I did the same was a remarkable experience. It left me wanting more, and lucky for me there is always more. 

Three weeks later I was back for the next in the series of explorations: Engaging and Awakening Others. The concepts of Decloaking and Living Authentically were the framework for a much, much deeper dive. The kind of dive where you want to check your tanks before you jump off the boat because you don’t know how long you’ll be down there, or what you might encounter. 

More on that next time….

If what I’ve shared is intriguing, I encourage you to visit the website of Sheila Winter Wallace and read her description of Decloaking and Living Authentically. She will be offering this amazing experience again from April 24-28, 2020 in Chelsea, Quebec.

If you are ready to dig in now, visit Louise LeBrun’s website to download the Decloaking and Living Authentically audio material. There are 21 hours of audio files that as Louise says “are a self-directed experience of a deeply personal journey of mind”. You can listen to the first CD for free from this link

Get to know Louise LeBrun, the Founder of WEL-Sytems® and hear more about her work in this recently recorded interview where she is a guest on Anne Berubé “Embodied” podcast.



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