There is a person in this world that changes my life every time I converse with her. I have read her books, listened to her audio programs and they were beyond great but recently I’ve had two opportunities to speak with her and both times I have walked away feeling shifted in all the right ways. Her name is Lousie LeBrun and her work is transformative. I encourage you to check it out.

Today my partner was interviewing Louise for her Unplug Podcast and I got a few minutes to say hello and thank her for the nuggets of wisdom she shared with me a few weeks back. Before I was even finished expressing my gratitude she shared something that was just too good not to share with you.

Louise and I were talking about what needs to happen on this planet for people to wake up and start living fully engaged lives that are congruent and integrous. She told me that its not about willpower because that is not enough. She said the reason its not enough is because to have willpower you need to have the will.

Well that stopped me in my tracks. She said it so casually but to me it unlocked a huge mystery about why we are in such a mess in our world. All along its been will that has created positive change in our world and a lack of will that has been rapidly destroying not just our planet and the animals we share it with but also the home we call our body.

When I decided to go vegan in the year 2000 it was not trendy, there were no superstar role models, in fact it was sort of crazy according to almost everyone around me. I was so clear in why I was doing it that outside influence did not matter to me at all. I was completely internally referenced by my will to remove myself completely from all the systems that exploited, hurt and killed animals. That will meant I never felt the need to “cheat” or go back to my former cheeseburger eating ways. That will made choosing a vegan lifestyle incredibly easy at a time when many people in North America had never even hear the term vegan or had any clue about what it meant.

That strong will meant I had all the willpower in the world. Which gave me a whole lot of power. That power translated in my body as a feeling I often describe as “light on my feet”. It is a feeling of incredible ease of being. There is no struggle, there is just congruency of action with values.

People ask me all the time if being vegan is hard. Actually they tell me all the time that they could not be vegan because it is too hard. I always respond that it is easier now than ever and learning a few basic tricks is all you need to get started. Sometimes I wondered though about why it has been so easy for me.

Until I started thinking about will and willpower I did not realize why it has always felt so incredibly easy for me to say NO to animals products. They say that when there is a will there is a way. If you take this to heart nothing can get in the way of your will. In fact the only one that ever stops you is you by not claiming it fully. The nice part is there is an easy test for the strength of your will. Did you succeed with your weight loss or exercise program or did you end up right back where you started or worse? If you succeeded you employed your will, a powerful ally. If you failed you skipped right to willpower without engaging your will to the fullest creating a fizzled out and frustrated end result.

What do you will for yourself? If you create the will you will have the power.

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  • Kate Lock

    HI Deb – Thanks for your continuing insight and strength! Awesome. I wanted to add a perspective from my own recent exploratin of veganism…you said it yourself “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” WIll comes from knowing WHY. If we have clarity of our own most cherished beliefs and sense of purpose, our energy will follow through. Will is just another way of saying desire – get real about what you want, and you’ll do it for yourself.

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