Those you who have been following my work for a while now may have noticed a recent shift in my writing as I recognize food as a profound metaphor for exploring uncharted internal waters. While exploring veganism and all of it’s deliciousness will always be a topic of great joy for me, I have come to crave bigger, juicier and more expansive conversations. 

I had one of those big, juicy conversations this week with Dean Walker for his The Poetry of Predicament Podcast. We talk about the wild and wonderful (and sometimes chaotic) ride I’ve taken to get back to myself. Tune in to this interview and find out more about where I’ve come from, where I am going, and what feels meaningful to me in this moment of my existence.  

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  • Melissa Allison

    What a powerful interview. You describe your journey beautifully. This is one to watch again and again.

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