Beyond Vegan: An Awakened Exploration of Conscious Eating

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” – Henry Miller

This is your invitation to join a small, powerful group of women who are interested in coming alive through the awakened exploration of a vegan lifestyle. We are at a critical time in the history of the planet and our own lives where the impact of our choices is rising to the surface of our awareness. We are awakening from the cultural coma that has created massive destruction in our biosphere, our bodies, and in the lives of billions of sentient beings.

This wake up call is an invitation to honour our deep intuition and consciously explore our food choices. Examining what we ingest as a metaphor for how we choose to live allows us the opportunity to expand into a more authentic version of ourselves that is no longer bound by the cultural conditioning of the predominant food system. This program will make visible, the invisible. The animal agriculture based system that has entranced us culturally will be exposed so you have the opportunity to choose what feels best for you.

Together, in a safe environment, we will explore the road less travelled, with all of it’s mystery, struggle, confusion, and potential.

This program is for you:

If you can no longer take the easy course and pretend it is the right one.

If you are willing to take a deeper look at what you are saying “yes” to three times a day.

If you are willing to explore more of the truth of who you are.