Five years ago my partner and I packed up our furry kids and our stuff and headed out to British Columbia. It was an awesome five years for so many reasons. One of those reasons was the sheer natural beauty of BC. It’s wild and it’s edgy. It is exactly this wild energy that provided the perfect space for massive personal evolution. BC will always have a special place in my heart, and now, however, it’s time to be home. After several magical years on the BC coast, I now know that my true home is in the Ottawa area. My family is here, my roots are here, and it feels really good to be back.

Many amazing things happened out west, both personally and professionally. I produced a vegan TV cooking show, co-produced a highly successful VegFest, and facilitated a long-standing series of local cooking classes and workshops. I had a blast creating and sharing meals with hundreds of participants. I also created a line of popular artisan mustards which sold like hotcakes at farmers markets and food shows; and to top it all off, I published my first cookbook, The Vegan Comfort Kitchen. I kayaked, hiked and mountain biked with my partner and our dogs in some breathtaking places, and I also witnessed my partner publish her second book, Beyond Hope: Letting Go of a World in Collapse. This book is pivotal if you are looking at our current planetary crisis and wondering how to process the onslaught of information that can feel like an assault at all levels. She tells it as it is, and she offers deep insight into her own journey of acceptance. Best book I’ve ever read on the topic!

Now that I’ve returned to the place where I started my vegan coaching business, it’s wonderful to see how veganism has grown in Ottawa. So many new restaurants have opened, and the vegan vibe is certainly palpable in the city. Now that I’m home, I’m excited to announce that I’m ready to dive into the local vegan coaching scene. Cooking classes, workshops, healthy vegan meal delivery, coaching, fun workplace learning lunches, the sky is the limit! I’m as keen as ever to share how abundant and delicious a vegan lifestyle can be, and I’d love to hear from you if you have any other vegan needs!

Now that I’m settled, I’ll be completing my second cookbook before the end of the year. Expect to see For The Love Of Vegan Cooking: Simple & Creative Plant-Based Recipes To Make Your Tummy Swoon available soon. I’m also getting ready for a big Holiday craft market where I’ll be selling my line of artisan mustards, along with my first cookbook. Mark your calendars for Dec 21/22 at the Bell Sensplex in Kanata for the Cheerfully Made Christmas Craft Market. I hope to see you there!

All the best!


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