Meet Deborah

For many years, I have enjoyed empowering others to jump into the delicious world of vegan living. This has expanded for me, and I now deeply enjoy working with women who want more meaningful lives that unfold with elegance, grace and a sense of personal power.
I’ve lived a vegan lifestyle for 20 years, and along the way have learned how to shop, make delicious and nourishing meals, socialize and happily attend non-vegan functions. I have learned how to tap into the joy I feel when I realize that my daily choices have no negative impact on animals, a reduced impact on the earth and a dramatically positive impact on my body. I’ve written and published two vegan cookbooks and a number of virtual products that can empower you on your own journey into clean plant-based living.
The years have flown by — filled with cooking classes, group coaching programs and corporate workshops — and every second has been a true joy. Now I also find joy and meaning in designing and running programs for women, creating opportunities for them to explore their personal evolution.
When I am not working with amazing human beings or creating delicious new things in the kitchen, I am out hiking the beautiful trails of British Columbia.