Tenacious Leap Taker & Vegan Food Creative

For many, many years I have been enjoying empowering others to jump into the world of vegan living with a smile on their face, joy in their heart and a full and happy belly. This has expanded for me and I am now deeply enjoy working with individuals who are interested in learning more about the deep truth of who and what they are to open possibilities for personal expansion in their lives.
I have been enjoying a vegan lifestyle for the past 18 years and along the way I have learned so much about how to shop, how to make delicious and nourishing meals, how to socialize and happily attend non-vegan functions, how to travel in a world where veganism is still catching on and how to tap into the joy I feel when I stop and realize that my daily choices are having no negative impact on animals, a reduced impact on the earth and a dramatically positive impact on my body. I am excited to have a place to share all of this experience with you so you feel empowered for your own journey into clean plant-based living.
I grew up eating anything and everything, burgers, chicken wings, pizza and I had a real love for fatty foods. I also loved animals and the two loves collided in an instant in the year 2000 when I watched an innocent enough looking film that ended up giving me with my first glimpse into the life of an egg-laying hen in a factory farm. In a heart-beat I went from enjoying chicken parmesan to declaring myself vegetarian and only a month later after letting in as much information as I could stomach about where my “food” came from I started my vegan life.
I was pretty lost, pretty hungry and felt pretty confused about what lentils, tofu and tempeh were but slowly over time I started to find my way. I taught myself how to cook – I mean really cook with real whole plant-based food and began to really enjoy the flavours and textures of my new lifestyle. I began adapting recipes so they were healthier and more nutrient dense and then I found I was writing my own recipes and creating new dishes that everyone around me was raving about.
At the time I was a Homicide Detective with the Ontario Provincial Police and feeling pretty burnt out. I decided to trade in my gun and badge to follow my heart which led me on a twisty road full of incredible jobs and experiences that eventually brought me to the point where I decided I wanted to know everything I could about food and how it impacted my body. I went back to school and became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. With my newfound knowledge and my keen desire to share how delicious and easy a vegan lifestyle was I decided to start a Vegan Coaching business.
The years have flown by – filled with cooking classes, group coaching programs, corporate workshops, one on one consultations, and key note addresses and every second of it has been a true joy. You see I have the best job in the world. I help people like you find your way toward a congruent, compassionate and energizing lifestyle with the bonus of hearing about how much you LOVE the food.
So now when I am not working with amazing human beings I am creating new things in the kitchen to share with you or out hiking with the dogs on the beautiful trails of the Ottawa Region. 
Eat from Love and Love what you Eat,
xo Deb