Living Fully Through Conscious Choice

The CODE Model™ empowers us to make the space we occupy in our own lives more expansive. As more space becomes available, the movement and flow of life are enhanced. This combination of space, moment and flow invites more of the goodness that we each uniquely are to arrive and create expansion. From here, we can more easily allow life to unfold with elegance, grace and a sense of personal power.

Waking Up to Your Majestic Self

Waking Up to Your Majestic Self is an empowering online small group program facilitated by Deb Gleason and Naomi Irons. It’s designed to introduce participants to a process that awakens their own internal voice as a way to explore what is required to step away from the default and into a paradigm of internal referencing and expansion.

COOKBOOK: For the Love of Vegan Cooking

With more than 100 delicious plant-based recipes, For the Love of Vegan Cooking puts the power of real, healthy food in your hands with comforting and deeply nutritious meals, desserts, drinks, and snacks that will make your mouth water in the best way. This book also includes two bonus sections to tickle your creative juices. Learn how easy it is to make creamy and delicious cultured cashew cheese, and to brew your own fizzy, probiotic packed kombucha.

COOKBOOK: The Vegan Comfort Kitchen

The recipes are simple, easy to follow and made with everyday ingredients. The dishes are fast and easy to prepare, so you can get in and out of the kitchen in record time. From the single person to the entire family, The Vegan Comfort Kitchen is perfect for anyone who loves healthy food that tastes amazing!