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Wild Truth

~ 4 Weeks ~

Get in touch with your deepest, wildest self — that pulsing at your majestic core that drives your creativity and powers your life. Dive into your internal landscape and discover, with other brave women, your wild truth.

Rise Unafraid

~ 7 Weeks ~

You’re no longer willing to stand on the sidelines of your own life. You’ve tasted your organic potential and want more. This experience is your invitation to rise unafraid into the massive growth that is your birthright.

Gaia Being

~ 9 Weeks ~

To rest does not mean to sleep. It means having a deeply relaxed body, an expansive mind and an activated being. It means cultivating an inner space — a sanctuary — where we come to know ourselves as Gaia Being.

Becoming Gaia

~ Full Year ~

You’ve come to the edge. You’ve made the leap. Now it’s time to stay awake. This opportunity creates the momentum necessary to stay awake to your unique majesty as you continue to claim the fullness of your life.

COOKBOOK: For the Love of Vegan Cooking

Comforting and deeply nutritious vegan recipes that will make your mouth water. Two bonus sections to tickle your creative juices: cultured cashew cheese and probiotic-packed kombucha.

COOKBOOK: The Vegan Comfort Kitchen

Create exciting vegan meals at home with everyday ingredients. The easy-to-follow recipes will mean you’re in and out of the kitchen in record time. Bonus: doggie treats.